Sticking motor brushes

My 2015 E2 is parked under cover at our home near the Gulf of Mexico with frequent rain and high humidity.
Recently after parked for a week, when starting the motor jerks for a short distance which is probably the result of the motor brushes hanging up in the holders.
Short of pulling the motor and cleaning the brush holders is there any preventive maintenance I can do to alleviate this problem? I’m thinking some type of a anti moisture or electrical cleaning spray on the brushes? Any proven remedies? Thanks

Are you there now and can try some things?
Or is this something that you have to go back to in 3 weeks?

Y- it sounds like it could be stuck brushes, but also might be just oxidized/dirty comms.

Try rolling the car back ad forth a few times to see if that helps.
If you have a jack, lift the front wheels off the ground and run it in place for a bit.
If you have a source for compressed air, give it a good blast and clean out the carbon dust every now and then.
If it hasn’t been very long since you were last there then a couple of taps with a hammer might be enough to rattle the brushes back into free float. I’m not talking a 5lb slug fest. Just a couple of taps on the brush end.

Pulling the motor off isn’t really that difficult and gives you so much more room for a proper inspection all the way around. You could try to do it in car, but it gets tight real quick.
At least take the band cover off the end and see what is going on in there. I find it is best to disconnect the A1 and A2 cables to get that thing off.

I’m not sure what you can put in there to keep corrosion at bay. I’m pretty sure these things are best left dry.

Thanks. This just started so maybe only a couple of brushes are hanging up. I’ll inspect with cover off and see what I can find. No one locally who can work on this and at age 83 I’m not tempted to r&r that heavy motor. Wish there was a electrical/corrosion spray I could try.

You can try CRC Lectra Clean for energized equipment. It evaporates with no residue