Servicing Brushes on 2002 GEM

Hello, new member with a 2002 e825. Only 5500 miles, second owner.

Batteries went bad after 4 years and it sat w/o running for a few months. Once I got it back running (changing algorithms was the holdup, what a stupid method Delta-Q used), I discovered it was making a grinding sound that was motor speed dependent. The car slowly built up speed and only when I floored accelerator did it make a sound like something rubbing armature. If I backed off pedal, sound went away until full throttle and again made sounds. No codes are thrown.

Research here indicates it may need brush/commutator service but I can not find any instructions on doing this service.

I believe it is an upgraded motor, Blue case, but can not read tag…

Any lead would be appreciated.

Yes the brushes get stuck. You need to remove the motor and clean the brush holder, use a nail file. The brushes are square and they ride inns square brush holder the tend to get stuck sideways and the can cause your descriptions

Thanks got the motor out (heavy little sucker, only smashed one finger) and pulled end cap with armature. Two of the four brushes are frozen. Wondering how to pull end cap off armature with the brush holder. Is it a press fit into bearing?

Commutator is black rather than copper, it appears oil seal leaked into motor, want to be able to finely sand commutator but needs to come apart.

Plus the shock looks like it leaked, very wet. As it has a spring wrapped around it, hard to confirm it is working properly but the gem has always had a very stiff ride.

Any help, drawing or details on motor will be appreciated. As LA is due for a massive rain tomorrow, this project moves on the back burner for now.

You should re install the motor, just to mark with a pen the lowest point of the motor. And where the motor mounts to the transmission and there is room Drill threw the motor as to create a oil drain.

Run a few cans of electric motor cleaner threw the motor and clean it out.

You will need a puller to remove the head of the motor from the armature. You should be able to push the stuck brushes out.
That’s when you file the square burnish holders with a lady’s nail file. Just clean theM up and the brushes should be able to
Move freely in the holder.

Just be careful. The brush holders are mounted to some sort of plastic/ceramic insulated holder.
It’s very brittle and can break quite easy. Be sure not to break the ceramic brush holder or your gonna be out $175 for a new one.

Thank you, I figured I could use a puller but wanted to confirm.

Pulled end cap, as noted three brushes were frozen, one I was able to push out with a stick. Unfortunately one frozen brush crumbled and lead came free, other brush on that pair was also cracked around lead.

So searching for brushes, it’s a Ride4Fun motor, he’s quoting around $120 I believe. Any other sources, did not see on parts list. The plastic base is in fine shape.