Gem car problem

When I first turn on gem car it bucks and jerks like loss of power for 10 seconds than runs fine the whole ride. Does this on start every time. Could it be the potentiometer ? Weird that it fixes itself

Ride for fun speed package

Your motor needs service. It will get worse.


Thanks for the help… is it a service I could do myself? Or take it to electric motor shop and ask for a rebuild? Bushings?

You can if you have the knowledge to do the work without breaking the end bell or the brush plate. Basically you have to remove the brushes clean up the brush holders clearance or replace the brushes and service the commutator. This can be as simple as a light sanding or as complicated as machining the surface. My service runs from $100 up depending on condition.


Thanks for the help Rodney
Is there a place to order parts for the ride for fun 7.5 motor as I would like to replace as many parts in the motor that I can when taking it apart! Or will just cleaning all those parts fix my hesitation on first start of the day?

I am in Niagara Falls Ontario… if the border was not shut I would rap this thing up and send it too you for service… since the border is shut it would take for ever to get to you if at all… I have the motor out and have 4 stuck brushes. How do you get the bell housing off to get access to the bushings and to clean the commutator? Thanks

I believe that motor is made by D&D motors in Syracuse NY. Try getting ahold of them they may have instructions to tear it down.

Thanks Derrick
Was able to free the brushes with only a few chips out of them. Will contact that company about ordering brush assembly… my hesitation on start is gone but motor running really hot… probably from whole can of wd-40 I used cleaning commutator!
Hopefully it works itself out if I run slow for a few miles!

You need to clean the oil off / out, it’ll ruin the brushes & motor. Electrical cleaner that leaves no residue is your best bet. I’ve always uses CRC Lectra-Clean, but I have no idea what’s available in Canada.