2002 e825 4 seater barely running

Took the gem out of the garage haven’t used in about a month. I back up normal in the driveway then drove in the grass and it started moving really slow and jerky motion. It then stopped. I pushed it to the street it barley moved. on its own. I jacked it up wheels and they moved easly by hand. With it still jacked up the wheels spun. Worked it in forward and then reverse. The speedometer got up to 6mph… Then the motor started to smoke. I stopped checked for loose wires to motor all were tight. I just put it back in the garage. Did not want to cause anymore damage. I have a ride 4fun motor. The gem would go about 35 mph when all was good. Is the motor and/or controler bad? Any help would be appreciated.

No. No. NO! Fire is the 2nd step dammit!

Jack up the rear, see if the brakes are dragging or locked up.

Lift one corner of the front up and spin that wheel by hand. How does it feel and does the motor spn with it? If you spin by hand with both fronts up the differential just transfers power / motion and the motor doesn’t move

Jack up np brake drag. I jacked up both front tires. I will do one side at a time tomorrow. also ran motor with front jacked had very little power. Did not run long after it started smoking.

Do you own a gun? Preferably bump fire-able or large caliber?

I’d say that your brushes are stuck. You can check them in the car but it’s not fun. It’s easier if you pull the motor and have full access with your motor on the bench.

Pull off that vented band clamp and lift up on the brush spring and make sure the brush slides easily in it’s holder. There are 4 brushes.

Also, get a good look at the comms to make sure you didn’t torch the heck out of that.

For anyone who might not understand that, “comms” refers to the commutator which is the ring of metal motor winding contacts which the brushes rub against as the motor rotates.

I was almost going to call them piano keys…

Thanks for the help pulled motor. It was not pretty inside. It was charred looking the brushes were stuck. Think I need a new motor. It was a ride 4fun 7.5 hp. I need to find a comparable replacement now. My Gem car would go 34- 35 mph. I had it for over 11 years. The motor and I believe the upgraded ride 4 fun controler were in the cart when I bought it. Not sure what motor to get to replace. I would like to get the same speed. Thanks for the help!

Do you have compressed air? Take it outside for a good blow. Stand upwind.
That “char” could be just carbon dust.

Then free up those brushes.
Take some pics of that commutator like we asked.
Chances are that you do not need a new motor but if you REALLY want to buy a new motor we can set you up with a rebuilt one from Rodney and you can send that one to me. I’ll pay shipping.

There was like black hardened melted plastic looking stuff further down the motor. The brushes were definitely stuck and when I tried to loosen one the bracket broke. I have a compressor I did try to blow motor. My can of contact cleaner lost it’s aerosol so I didn’t get to clean it with contact cleaner.

Can you post some pics?
But since you said one of the holders broke, I think you are into another phase now.

She sips nitro from phase four heads…