2002 E4 Motor (Brushes?)

My 2002 e825 four seater has been chuggin’ along okay… last couple of months have been getting some studdering taking off AND while at speed. I’;ve had some history with old R/C car stuff and figured the brushes were either hanging or EOL… Well a couple of days ago she coasted to a stop and, if i push her while on the pedal, feels like every once in a while she wants to lurch a little .

How serviceable are the motors and how are the brushes to be found if i can get to them? what’s my best option? I already re-programmed the t-2 and she would do 34mph on a nice warm day on flat ground (May have had something to do with the brushes wearing out… or the fact that it’s 21 years old)


I have a rebuilt 7.5hp motor (originally from Ride-4-Fun) for sale (New brushes) … You might need a newer controller for it… I was using a T3 until water got in it so I upgraded to a T5.

@Inwo @MikeKC would the T2 be fine with this motor? I can’t see why not, but it never hurts to ask the experts.

I personally do not know why it would not work? But I have only dealt with one T2 controller so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about them.
Maybe Dave will chime in.

I had a 2000 with a t2 controller and ride-4-fun motor… Ran fine.

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Should be fine. I had an 02 w/ T2 and the R$F / D&D motor. No issues. You just leave the temp sensor disconnected (T2 doesn’t have that circuit & the motor doesn’t GAF)

In the slight chance that D&D builds 2 versions of that motor, get the length from the seller and verifiy it will fit in your gem with the centerlined differential.

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Thanks for all the input.

95% chance it is stuck brushes. Remove the motor, it is not difficult. Them remove the brush end of the motor by removing the through bolts. You may need to drive the input shaft inward in order to get the end bell off. You will fins the brushes stuck and the commutator burnt. Drive out the brushes and sand them down for a looser fit. use sand paper not emery cloth on the commutator. It does not have to be perfect to work again. Been there and done that!

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How do you keep the brushes back when you’re putting back together?