Ruff and Tuff motor brushes

I have a 2007 2 wheel drive R&T. i strongly suspect the brushes are going bad on the motor as the voltage regulator outputs fine but motor is intermittent in starting to spin.

  1. does the motor need to be pulled to replace the brushes?
  2. where do I get the replacements?
  3. What rear end oil is used?

Thanks in advance!

Yes however they are probably stuck. If you keep driving it you will burn the commutator and possible damage the controller. i service most motors $125 plus shipping. $60 more if machining is required.

Thanks Mr. Old_Houseboater! My son helped me pull the motor and brought it to a local motor shop for repair. Also found the allen fitting to indicate full for the rear end and will replace the fluid with SAE 80W-90 weight gear oil. The brushes did not look worn down but at least one of the four was stuck. Thanks for your advice!

Do you sell parts for this cart?