Motor rebuild

My T2 controller tested OK by ride4fun so suggested pull motor looking for damage. The commutator is in need of resurfacing (hopefully that’s all it needs), the brushes need replacing or re-bedding. The brushes were frozen in place from corrosion (a common problem in high hummidity areas (I’m in the AL Gulf Coast).

So my question is who’s most qualified to repair this motor? An electrical shop who repairs alternators or ???

Question for Rodney — any one in the AL gulf coast you know of?

Thanks, Mike

Your motors problems are not earth shattering. Any motor shop can repair it. Check the yellow pages in your area. Also any starter repair shop.

If it is not abnormally messed up you can do it your self with some 400 sand paper. Lightly sand the commutator, brushes, and brush holders until every thing is free.
Do not flatten the ends of the brushes. Wrap a piece of the 400 around the commutator sand side out and barely clean the curved face of each brush.

Blow everything off and WD40 everything and put it back together with a new bearing. Break it in easy for the first 20 miles.


Not good news. Had motor inspected by starter/alternator shop pros who found commutator is damaged beyond repair. So now seeking best 7.5HP replacement option at best cost. New or slightly used? Best place to buy? All suggestions greatly appreciated. Searching Craig’s list, eBay, google, etc.

Don’t know about used. Both Ride for Fun (Internet) or Marlon (on this group) sell new high HP motors for GEMs.

I just bought a 7HP motor - waiting for it to arrive. Supposed to only have 500 hours on it. If you stay under 35MPH your stock motor will live. If you HOT ROD the car you need to go to an aftermarket high RPM motor.

Where do I find Marion?

Marlon Google MZ MOTORSPORT - Mention my name