Disassembling Motor & Cleaning Brushes

I am trying to figure out how to remove the back plate with brushes on this Advanced Motors and Drives. The motor sat for a year and every brush is completely stuck in place so it would be easier to access them from the other side and I need to clean the commutator. Do I need to remove the bearing because I assumed this would all slide right past It.

I bought CRC Electric Cleaner but it hasn’t helped much getting these brushes out, anything else I should be using? Thanks!

First, remove that magnet before you break it.

(guessing- because I really haven’t done one)
Then get a big gear puller and give it a little tension. I’ll probably come right off once it gets moving.

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Should have checked the GEM group on Facebook first I just found an old post from someone who serviced this exact motor for stuck brushes and posted all of the pictures on how he did it. Used a gear puller just like you said. My only hesitation would be getting it back on and having the clearances just right. Might be better off leaving this one to a professional, not looking to cause anymore damage.

Y- I saw that when he did it. It’s probably not a ton of force just needs a straight pull. Putting it back together you could freeze the armature to get it to shrink a bit, or see what actually holds the bearing into the end casting.

I’ll go back and review that thread to see if he left any useful pointers.

But yes, if you don’t have all the stuff, it may be better to leave it to other people to mess it up. For example - How do you plan to true up the comm?

Do you have a motor shop up in NY? Otherwise, you need to pull the motor and ship it to @Old_Houseboater. He should be able do you up right.

Might need to send him both since i broke the fan blade on this one getting it off lol

Yeah, what happened to Victoria was tragic. I think he mentioned that he did have extra fans available.
Yes, send both down that way and if you need to make a deal get one back all ready to go. Unless you have two cars?

YOU DO NOT USE A GEAR PULLER!!! Its almost a given you will break or distort the cover, You remove the magnet and push the armature out of the case on a hydraulic press. You can get this done at any shop that has one for $20 or less. Removing stuck brushes with out breaking the mounting plate is an art and i’m not telling how because servicing motors is a big part of my business, Since I only charge $100 labor your better off sending your motor to me than trying to do it yourself.


Yeah I have a 2012 E6 and 2013 E6. Was going to list the 2012 for sale but this motor swap made that difficult. I was already going to be selling it as non running since it has no batteries but d hate to have to list it now as non running without a motor. Had the motor swap gone right from the beginning I was then going to look into putting my batteries into the 2012 and trying out one of the lithium packs in mine but it seems it’s always 1 step forward 2 steps back with this damn thing lol.


Dang! I hate giving out bad advice. Thanks for stepping in Rodney.
Well then… I retract my suggestion until I get one here to see how tight these things actually are. They must be really stuck on there.

For someone looking to do an AC big motor swap and lithium, this could be an awesome platform to build on. This would be a plus for me, you already saved me time removing the motor :slight_smile: and didn’t waste money on cheap batteries I’d just rip out anyway. I’d be interested if it wasn’t across the country and I didn’t have a million other projects going on.