Motor bearing

I just found the reason for my latest noise. I thought it was a rear wheel bearing but it turned out to be in the motor. I was able to repair the motor with the help of O’Riely auto. I took the motor apart and took the bearing to O’Rielys and was able to cross it over to a National 203-FF. I am back to running quite and the motor is stronger after the cleaning it got as I took it apart.


Is that in a GEM?

Yes it is a 2000 model with a standard motor


I too have a bearing noise in my motor, 5 HP - is yours a 5HP? Goes away after warm. I would love any info on how you changed it out if you have it (drive side gear or back side of the motor, is there more than one, etc, etc)… Thanks for the info! Keep in touch!

Yes, mine is a 5hp. If you have experience in taking electric motors apart, you should have no problem but if you do not know the method of tear down and assembly, I suggest you take it to a motor repair shop. It can get dicy for an amature.

good luck

Can you take the brush end off the motor and replace the bearing and brushes with it mounted to the transmission? I was wondering how long the brushes last?

This is the bearing at the commutator end of the motor. Depending on year, they are different sizes as follows:

2004 and older motor bearing at commutator end: trade size 6203 double sealed, 6661K104 Mcmaster-Carr

2005 and newer motor bearing at commutator end: trade size 6204 double sealed, 6661K105 Mcmaster-Carr

These and many other part descriptions can be found here:


I have found it easier just to remove the motor and do the work on a bench. We have several GEMs with 10,000 miles that have original motor brushes. The brushes and bearings are different depending on year. See my post below on motor repair: