New to me GEM

Hello to everyone. I recently purchased a 2008 G.E.M E2 has 22k on the odometer. The previous owner installed 6 new Optima Blue top batteries about a year ago. it was running strong, Shortly before Selling, the previous owner said the motor was making a funny noise, he blew compressed air into the motor vent and 2 of the 4 brushes fell out… This is the point he decided to sell. So I pulled the motor 7hp GE gray motor, and pulled off the end to find the 2 remaining brushes struggling to hold on and a burnt parts around the cage. So, did some reading and trying to find brushes is seeming impossible. Can anyone help?

These are not exact but work. You will have to dress the contact end to the armature.

I got mine on Ebay

Make SURE you order the right size. Make sure your brush springs aren’t fried.

HELWIG CARBON 5410 MOTOR BRUSHES 1.5"x1.25"x0.5" 1 1/2"x1 1/4"x1/2" BRUSH


Search forum for brushes.

“motor brushes: 625A675AA4 Arrowhead Electric (located in California, 4 per motor) this has only been tested on 2005 model year (2004 and prior are different)”

Old 5HP is a “SHORT 5” 2005 up are “LONG 5” and have temperature sensor.

Mine are over an inch long with 2 leds and no sensor I can see. I have the 7HP motor as well. I might need springs…

Replacement brushes for the GE 7hp motor.
Motor # 5BC49JB6011A.
Are Helwig 5410 good for this motor