Which motor to choose?

My donor car is a Bradley GT II, on a VW Bug chasis. I am shooting for a gross weight of about 2800 lbs. The car will be driven mostly around town, with some infrequent freeway use, about 30 miles max between charges. I am using sealed lead-acid batteries, at 96 VDC. I have a Zilla Z1K-HV w/ Hairball Option A controller.
I am comparing a series 67 D&D motor with the Warp 9, and of course one supplier says that I will be underpowered with the other guy’s and the other one says that it will be overkill and a waste of about $850 USD (Incl. adapters). My research says that I could be satisfied with the D&D, but tickled pink with the Warp 9, But $850 ???
Can anyone shed some light on my problem from his own experience or provide other sage advice for me ?