Some basic questions

I’m just doing some research into a sporty conversion. I’ve read a lot of this forum and other places. I am pretty new to all of this. These are probably stupid questions but…

I see for example the WarP 9" has a max of 192V - I’m assuming that means to run higher voltage would require splitting it between two motors?

I was thinking about getting a nice controller like a Zilla that would support anything I’d want to do in the future - but run a single motor at 144V to get my feet wet first, then go bigger by changing the battery pack configuration/more batteries and adding a TransWarP at some point.

Id like to have some way to run low performance, max range most of the time, but be able to give all the power the battery pack can supply when I want to. Can the controllers do that, or would I have to change the battery pack configuration to change the voltage? Use a transformer?

I currently have an E85 powered Evo that acts tame to run errands/go to work, but it runs 11s in the 1/4 mile when I want it to. Looking to see if something similar can be made in EV form.

This is a ways out, I am just learning for now

Hey there, my best advice is to go to as many EV sites as you can and read every FAQ you can get your hands on. keep researching and plan everything! you mentioned trying different configurations and playing with voltage. this can get expencive, but is a great learning experiance. if you learn as much as you can before hand, you could save alot of money. now for top end speed and acceleration, high voltage is what you need, but for range you want high amp hours. you should figure out what car your going to convert and see how much room you will have for batteries. whatever motor you end up going with, if you get a zilla controller, its programable so you can control how much voltage the motor will see. batteries can be expencive and replacing them every couple years can be too. it costs more up front but look into lithium. spend the money now and you will get way better performance and range. plus the batteries won’t need to be replaced every 3 or 4 years.
hope that helps!

anyone else? did i miss anything or miss-inform?

By “lithium”, I assume you meant to suggest lithium phosphate rather than lithium cobalt oxide/graphite (laptop batteries) :slight_smile: The latter also only last a few years. Lithium phosphate will last you a decade or more. High power, safe, and efficient charging, too. The only downside is the price because they’re not mass produced yet. :stuck_out_tongue: