Projects to watch

I’ll start with this one.
I met and talked with this guy at the EVAoSD meeting last night. He drives it daily and with only 11 optima yellows it’s faster than a handful of ICE cars.



If you go through all the photos you will see that the car does not weigh very much, targeted at 2200lbs. Most of your conversion candidates will weigh that before you add the batteries (roughly). Just going from the photos on the website (maybe out of date) but he appears to be running dewalt batteries and there are about 18 of them(216V?). They could just be relabeled yellow tops. It also appears to be a 2000 amp zilla controller(in answer to one of your other threads). I could not tell for sure from the photo but it looks like a warp11 or maybe even a warp13 motor.

But it is true eye candy.

Warp 11. TransWarp11 to be exact.
I heard him tell someone at the meeting that he was running Optimas temporarily… He told me he’s running 11 of them (132volts), but has to tone down the controller. The pack is just an incidental to get it from a to b until he get’s the rest of what he needs to run the real pack. The car is currently on display in the car show at the fair.

In response to your answer in my other post. Amps isn’t the only consideration for acceleration. The pack dips in voltage during high draw. The pack’s rating will have an effect on amount of voltage drop. If you have a 144 volt pack that drops to 36 volts (extreme) due to a monstrous amp draw the motor will not be able to spin worth beans and acceleration is poor as a result.

Those were hypothetical questions in my other post btw.


That is why you run multiple strings of packs. If you exceed the number of amps the battery can supply within X amount of time THEN the voltage drops. Thinking for the moment as a 12v system, if you parallel two batteries you will have to draw twice as many amps to see the same voltage(roughly). The same applies to any size pack. This is also one of the advantages of 6v batteries. You have to add more of them to get to the same voltage, so you can draw more amps than a pack made of 12v batteries.

You got it.