GE 9" DC Motor

I have a GE 9" Series Motor with a built in adaptor for converting your VW Bug or Bus. This motor was original to the Bradley GT E VW. I have a Synkromotive controller as well. Both together $1800. It is an excellent package deal and an excellent motor and controller.

Controller: 156 volts and 750 amps. Fully configurable to your needs. Check the specs. This controller has about 500 miles on the controller and considered NEW.

Synkromotive Electronic Systems for Electric Vehicles

Check Motor on youtube:
[ame=]GE 9" Motor - YouTube[/ame]

I am located in Northern California and if your thinking of converting a VW Bug this will work perfectly for you. No cutting and you get a motor that is more powerful than the Warp9 Impulse or Warp9. Larger than the weenie 8" motors. You can’t go wrong with this setup.

Pete :slight_smile:

Contact me off list.
Local Pickup or buyer arrange pickup.