72 VW electric

Hello to the group, I am attempting to complete a project that has been around for a long time. The 96v DC motor is bolted up to the transaxle, I now have the rack for batteries bolted in and the batteries installed. I am starting out with six 12 volt deep cycle marine batteries, for a total of 72 volts. I am hoping that will do the job, if not I can add more batteries later. This motor was in a VW van years ago and had a voltage chopper. The chopper is toast. I now have a used GE controller from a Ford Think, it is rated for 72 volts.I was able to find the specifications for the controller. Not sure I am going to be able to figure out where all those cables go. I need to find a local supplier in the Sacramento area for items like cutouts, fuses, etc.

Any comments, advice or encouragement is appreciated.

You have a fun project. You can download the wiring drawing from the GE site. It’s not overly complicated. Your going to be quite heavy expect about 12 to15 miles range @ 25 MPH with those batteries.

Thanks for your reply, I have found the GE information, the controller (354D2) appears to be programmable with a limit of 27mph. I am not sure how much of the controller input/out put is “required” I am hoping I can just select the features that I intend to use. Just the basic things, input for a pot to control the output for speed control, cut out, key on/off a few other features. I have figured out a few things, lots of things I still do not understand.

When you see the schematic it becomes obvious. Pretty simple really. I would suggest the welder control for throttle- simple and cheap

I am having a difficult time finding a supplier of simple parts in my area, Sacramento. I am struggling to find proper fuses and cut outs. I am hoping someone on the list can point me in the right direction.

Could you provide information about the welder controller? I looked for welder controllers and there are many to choose from. Thanks Gary

Check Ebay for GEM throttle control. In reality it’s a controller for a TIG welder.