Parts Please

I have a 2002 Gem Car that is a 48 volt. I am looking for a good used Controller? I have the batteries in and still no power can anyone suggest anything that might be wrong?


They didn’t build a 48 volt GEM in 2002. I believe the last year of the 48 volt was 1997 or early 1998.

Your model number says it’s a 72 volt

What is the model # of the existing controller? What is all the information on the tag on the motor?


I can’t argue with you but it does say 48volt and I have a couple of things that tell me it is a 48 volt. Also I have talked to you before when I first started trying to fix this and you told me it was a 48 volt by the looks of everyting.

How many batteries? Assuming 12v each, 4 is 48v and 6 is 72v.

Yes I did. How ever I didn’t know the vin at the time. So - lets start over.

1 You said it ran when you bought it.

2 You said it had 4 batteries. Were they 12 volt?

3 Is the Dc/Dc converter a SurePower in an Aluminum case or a n open circuit board?

Look at motor. what is the information on the tag? Are the motor wire

terminals marked A and F or A and S.

You might look at the Altrax controllers. Not that expensive new and you can get one that takes 48 to 72 volts and is programmable.

Thank You for the information, I will look into that, I hope they have what I need.
Thanks Jim