2002 Gem Problems

I have a 2002 Gem car that I purchased used form an out of state person. When it arrived it ran with only 4 batteries. The book I have plus the spaces for batteries shows it should have 6. I have put 6 batteries in and now I can’t get the car to run, I can’t even figure out the hook up for the batteries. I have 3 cables running from the back to the front batteries and no matter how I hook them I get nothing. The car has an external charger that plugs in below the passenger seat. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Did they have a 48v Gem that was made in 2002 or would it have been possible for the previous owner to change it to 48v?

Take a picture of the dash with the covers off and post it. I bet it an older 48 volt cart. Check the Vin # in the left rear on the ceiling.

Did we not go thru this a while back?

Thank You so much for getting back to me. It was me that you were talking to before but I was told that a 2002 was a 72V. I still can’t get it running and there are 3 cables running from the back up to the front batteries. There is also no ground showing. I have been trying to send you some pictures but for some reason my computer will not let me do it.
Do you have an e-mail that I could send them to?

Again Thank You


The 72 volts on a gem is not grounded I still need the vin # I dont think you have a 2002 I think it is a 1998 or older. Send a picture of the suspension on the under side from the front of the car. Is your car the one where you have an off board charger? send a picture of that too. Also advise the model #of your controller - take close up picture.


I Thank You very much, I hope this helps it took me awhile to get the pictures. Vin 5ASAG27482F018066.

Suspension and vin says it’s an 02

The charger is 48 volt

The solenoid is 48 volt

You did not provide a closeup of the controller or provide the model #

You said it ran on 4 batteries that says 48 volt

The wiring is trash

I don’t see a DC/DC converter

Did you get a good title

Is it a 4 passenger

The best you could do is make it a proper 48 volt cart with 6 8volt batteries and a complete rewire. Usually brakes need new cylinders and brake cables are iffy.

What you have at present is a parts car with most of the parts obsolete and not worth any thing.


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I like this quote “The car has an external charger that plugs in below the passenger seat. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.”

No this is my first post. I’m running 72V and my cart is all street legal and maxes out at 35 mph normally. My charger is onboard.