2002 Gem Problems

I have a 2002 Gem car and have had nothing but problems. I bought it on line and what a surprise I got when I received it. It came with 4 batteries and did run but not well. Some of the cables were bolted together. I have now put in the 6 Deep Cycle batteries and I can’t get them figured out. The ones under the seat I think I have according to the manual but the front ones I am having trouble with. There is 3 cables going to the front, I have tried everything I could think of and nothing. this car has an external charger. It has the plug under the front seat on the left hand side I can’t find how to wire the plug charger and go up to the breaker and anything else I need. Please help I would like to get this running. Also when I had the 4 batteries it had no lights I put a ground wire on the front battery and they would work but would not shut off until I pulled the fuse out. Thank You ahead of time jwrdsr

I also have a 2002 GEM Car. We have about 100 of them at work, (Air Station Base). I know the mechanic pretty well, so I can get some information if I need it. I can send you a diagram of how the batteries need to be if you still need it. I am far from an expert, but kind of learn as I go. I am having problems with the charger on mine. I replaced it about 2 years ago and at $450 for a rebuilt one, it should last longer than that.

Thank you for getting back to me, I do still need to know how to hook up these batteries, if you can help that would be great. If you need my e-mail please let me know and I will shoot it to you.