Help on 2007 GEM

I bought a 2007 GEM 4 seater today (Manufactured in Dec 2006).
Overall good condition, runs well, paid $3000 for it.
My question is, is this a 48 volt or 72 volt?
From what I gather online, it’s supposed to be a 72 volt cart with 6 batteries.
But there are only 4 batteries in this cart, and I don’t see anything on the batteries indicated what voltage they are.
Any insight much appreciated.

Is it running?
72v, 2 batteries behind the middle 2.

Duh… Now I see the two in the back. Thanks
Yes, it is running good. In high mode it runs 25/26 mph no problem.
Don’t see any dates on the batteries. I’m going to put a multi meter on them later today to see how much life is left in them.
Will be driving this on a beach from time to time. Might look into some tires to better handle that.
Odometer says 3400 miles or so.
$3000 a good deal you think?
Certainly an upgrade from my 48V Club Car cart.
Thanks again

great deal if in good shape and batteries are ok .

, I have a set of factory Gem off road tires and wheels in very good condition with little miles . $160 for the set plus shipping

Looking for something like that. Can you send pics and confirm size?

try looking under the front hood for 2 more.


How are those tires usable on pavement?

On my 2008 there are 2 batteries in a compartment under the trunk. There is an access panel above the license plate.