MK Gel 12v for 2000 E4 GEM?

I’m looking at potentially buying a 2000 GEM E824 4 seater NEV. It currently has MK Gel 12v batteries in it that I’m being told are only 3 years old with only around 500 miles on them. It is a street legal unit that has had the motor modified to have 2 driving modes with a “Road Mode” that he says has a max speed of 50 mph. Now that seems a bit extreme for a glorified golf cart to me, and we’ll mostly just be using it in the neighborhood at no more then 30 mph, but the agreed upon price is $2800 and seems like a pretty good deal from what I’ve researched. I’m I missing something?

It ain’t gonna go,50 mph, mine would do almost 40 with 7.5 hp motor and 14" tires

Stock mode is 25 MPH Turf mode is 15. You can’t modify a stock motor to go 50MPH because it wont handle the revs. You can install an after market motor and get 40 to 42 MPH with the proper programming and aftermarket wheels/tires. When you do this you should also upgrade the front brakes because they are not good enough for over 25 MPH.

Ask to see the receipt for the batteries. Also make sure the charger is set to the right program because in 2000 the GEM was sold with Flooded batteries. Charging Gels on the flooded setting will dry them up. Ask him how much range he gets out of a charge. With the stated mods you should here 12/15.

Take your GPS with you to verify performance.

Things to look for on a 2000 Leaking brakes. broken drive shaft boots, broken steering boots, leaking gearbox seal (biggie), noisy gearbox(Biggie), ratty upholstery, play in steering, cracked plastic panels, negative camber on the front wheels, noisy wheel bearings.

$2800 is a good if every thing is as stated. if your handy and can fix any discrepancy’s. If you have to have a dealer fix things it’s not a good deal.


Thanks fellas. I don’t actually want it to go 50 mph to be honest and that seemed a bit high. I know it is an aftermarket motor, but the wheels don’t look large enough to handle from the pictures. I’ll make a list of your suggested things to check out before I go take a look/ test drive. Thanks again!

14 inch wheels with low profile tires (22 1/2") aren’t much larger in diameter than stock 165-70-R-12s (21 1/2"s)

Sir, I am looking to put 14” wheels on my 2006 Gem and trying to buy these online, can you pls let me know the following:

  • what is the bolt pattern , 4x4 or 4x100
  • do I need an off set
  • should these 14 x 7”
    I’d like to use 175x60 R14 tires to avoid any rubbing of the fenders. I understand the taller wheel may help me add a few MPH. I would appreciate any guidance on this.
    Thank you very much.