GEM top speed?

What’s the top speed (level ground) for your stock, unmodified GEM e2?

24/26 MPH Regulated by the controller per government regulations.

That’s what I thought but all I can get is 15mph out of mine. It sounds like it is stuck in low but the instrument panel changes from low to high and back to low when I flip the switch back and forth. I have looked for loose/disconected wires and don’t see any. The batteries are 3 months old. Had them load tested at the local golf cart shop. They are fine. I am puzzled…what is the problem???

Sounds like a programming problem. Is this a new problem?

Bought 2008 Gem in early June from craigslist seller. It was not registered so my test drive was not on street. Did not know speed was a problem until I got it home.
Any suggestions as to how to fix a programming problem? Who would you get to help?

Dealer or service shop

ok. Thanks.

Whats your location

Apollo Beach, Florida. 18 Miles south of Tampa on I-75.

Xtreem power sports tampa

Great! I will go see them. Thanks again and good night.

I think I found the root of my problem this afternoon. I dropped a screw and it fell into the battery compartment. Removed the seat and seat back trying to locate the elusive screw. Lo and behold…the four batteries under the seat have gray tops and are dated 04/15. The 2 under the splat have yellow tops and are dated 05/13 or maybe 05/03. The month 5 is punched out and the year 3 is punched out. It gets better the 2 old yellow top batteriesd are stamped 2nd, which I assume means there is no warranty on these.

So, it appears that the craigslist seller of this GEM only replaced 4 of 6 batteries…not all 6 as represented to me. Lesson learned–do not believe what craigslist sellers tell you.

Now my question–everything I have read on this forum says that ALL batteries should be changed out at the same time. So, must I buy 6 batteries or can I get by with 2?

Just off the phone with Marlon. He is awesome. Gave me advice on how to troubleshoot my problem. I will update here after I check

I think you’ll find in FL that an untitled (unregistered?) GEM is considered a golf cart and not street legal. The dealer has to program it to a 15 mph limit and certify this before it leaves his shop. In order to get it raised (legally at least) you’ll need to title it and get plates.


Thanks, but my Gem has Florida title, registration and insurance. With Merlon’s assistance, I have narrowed the possible causes of my 15 mph problem down to 2 possibilities. Seller stated that the batteries were new in April of this year. Actually, the 4 batteries under the seat were replaced. The 2 under the back spat were not. They are 2 years older. It is not a good idea, I am told, to mix batteries. Replace them all at the same time. 2nd possible cause is a defective charger. I have charged all 6 batteries individually with a small (6a) charger. If I get 25mph when I drive it tomorrow, I will know that the onboard charger is bad. If all I get is 15mph, I will know it is a battery issue.

Please do let us know what you discover. It may help others down the road.

Battery problems usually don’t affect top speed - only affect range. Suspect programming or controller problem will be the culprit.

Jacked up front of car so that tires do not touch garage floor. “Gas pedal” all the way to the floor. 25MPH on ther speedometer!!! Took it out on the street. Pedal tothe floor–only 15MPH? Sat and scratched my head? What the heck? Jacked up rear of car. Spun driver’s rear wheel by hand. Some resistance but it turns. Tried to spin passenger rear. Very hard to turn. Took both hands to move it. Brake assembly it dragging! It is like trying to drag an anchor behind my boat. I feel kinda’ dumb right now. I was all worried about possibly having a bad controller or charger when the problem was simply a dragging brake drum.

I wish I was smart enough to figure all this out by myself. The truth is that without Merlon’s assistance, I probably would still scratching my head wondering what to do and there would be another GEM for sale on Craigslist. Without this forum, I would never have gotten my car fixed. I would have not known how to contact Merlon. He truly is the Gem owners best friend. I cannot say enough about his help with this car. All I have is a great big THANKS for him.

Glad you got it sorted out! Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where the problem lies so don’t feel too badly.

I once spent three days looking for a similar problem before I discovered that some “■■■■■” :slight_smile: had flipped the turf/street switch to turf mode when I put the forward/reverse switch to forward without looking. OOPS! I was really embarrassed!

We’ve all been there and the collective knowledge of the GEM community helps us over some of the rough patches.


New member here.
Hope to post enough so that I can get help in my own thread.
Have a 2000 Gem that was modified by company in Arizona, I believe.
Ebay purchase for me.
T1 controller and 3.5hp ge motor. Yet super performance on hills (21mph) and 30mph on level.
That is until yesterday. seems to be stuck in turf. 15mph poor acceleration. Switch is OK. Batteries 90-100%
Rolls easy. Although brakes seem slightly grabby.
Any help?