GEL batteries dead after 15 months?

I purchased a new GEM e2 on 8-3-2013. Since then we have put 3,281 miles on it and 1,015 kWh on the GEL batteries. Recently the we have been having a major problem with battery performance. We are getting the current limit turtle when the SOC gauge is readings three bars depleted (~63%) I don’t understand why the SOC will state that the batteries are more then 50% but the controller is limiting us to 5 mph. Could the GELs be dead or is the controller on the fritz? Reading 77.3 v at full charge and around 69.5 v at 50% on the SOC. Thanks for any input.

Having same problem with my 2011 e2 .dealer found 1 dead gel battery.wondering about controller issue.Battery did not fix issue.hope someone can give us direction to go.

You probably have your charger algorithm set on flooded. This setting will eat a set of Gels in a year. When you hit 65% you probably have about 3 or 4 miles before it hits Turtle mode. This is not abnormal.

Strongly suggest you jack up each wheel and check for dragging brakes.

Charger set to gel just got back from dealer I asked that question. Wheels turn freely.


You have put a LOT more miles on the car than most owners. It’s possible you have used up all the full charge cycles that the battery can deliver You may be ready for a new set of batteries.

This may be of interest:

Thanks for the info.All the batteries tested good.Looks like when I get more batteries flooded is less expensive.I had a golf cart with batteries 8 years old with a desulfate unit still running strong when I traded for the gem.thanks again

If your on flat ground, consider MDC31 (Marine deep cycle) from East Penn)

$620 exchange from Orillies (Dura Start 31MDC) or Sams.(Dura Cel29HM ) Or other stores .These are flooded group 31 105 Amp Hour batteries. I have put them in my last 4 carts.

East Penn lables their batteries for many vendors. They will give you 3+ years service f you plug them in after each trip and keep the water up.

If I buy the flooded type my dealer will have to change charger to flooded right. that 680 is that for a set of 6?

Yes he will. $620 for 6 $95 each plus tax and cores.

What do the lights say on the side of the charger when you’re done charging it. Gels are very sensitive. You could have more than one battery that has a dead cell. When charged it only takes a couple of 100’s to actually be bad. What ever you do in the future a BattSix system can heip to diagnose this kind of problem because it is always watching. Barry.

My 2011 has onboard charger.Supose to be set for gell batteries.plug in and all green bars on display when charged.

Plug the car in. Look under the hood area over the tire on the drivers side. Do you see any red, yellow or green LED lights? This is your charger. It is painted yellow. These LED lights are a code system to tell you what your charger is doing. Leave the car plugged in. When the dash light turns off look at the lights. What are they doing?

Second from top light yellow Third light from the top green.

Full charge???

Yes all bars are green on console lcd

Time for new batteries. I have about 6k miles on mine and used as a daily driver, at about 6 miles a day, recharged every day, and it’s time for my third set of gels. They can only be charged so many times before they start loosing range.

Yes I talked to the head man at Ride4Fun today .He told me you cannot beat the Deka 8G31.I guess my dealer mislead me on the falls river brand. Thanks for the help.Its been a journey.:clap2:

Deka makes the same battery for NAPA auto. In California I can get a discount by showing my AAA card. It’s worth a try if you’re going the Deka way.

The napa battery do yu have a item #

BAT8272 $284.00 is the retail price in Chico, California and then ask for the AAA discount. They also want a core or your charged for it.