2002 Gem

I purchased this car used and now I am trying to fix the problems. The first problem is it came with only 4 batteries and it ran. I have now put in 6 batteries and even with the manual I can’t figure where the cables go on the front batteries? Also when I got it I had to repair the lights and horn and now when I turn them on I have to turn them off by pulling a fuse.
Please help there is 3 cables going to the front.


I believe you have a 48 volt cart which only takes 4 -12 volt or 6- 8 volt batteries. This would be a 1996 thru 1998 cart. Please check your Vin sticker and verify.

These carts were early production and considerably different than 1999 up.

The diagram below is for 72 volt carts. If you want to use 6 batteries you can probably trace the wiring and follow this lay out. You would need 6 8 volt batteries.

6 8 volt batteries will give you more range than 4 12’s

Please keep us up to date.


Thank You for getting back to me, I have been told that it is a 73 volt and it has the battery trays for 6 of them. The Vin is # 5ASAG27482F018066.
I hope this helps. I don’t know if I said but it has an external charger and the picture I sent shows the plug.

Thank You for the help

There should be a date of manufacturer on the vin tag. The cables and solenoid look like 48 volt also.

If you have 4 - 12 volt batteries and it runs it’s a 48 volt cart. Somewhere on the charger it should tell the voltage.

If it is indeed a 48 volt cart and you want to run 6 batteries you will need 6 - 8 volt units.

Most important is controller voltage. Mine is marked 72v on label.

Or model number as in picture.

Mine was also marked as 72 V. Hey I never noticed it,until you said.

Seems like that happened quite a bit. I am still having trouble with the battery cables and where they go. The person I bought the car from has cut some wires and some are good. If you could send me a picture of your hook up and where they go I would appreciate it. I also have a charger that is not on board, so that is different than anything else.

Give us ALL the numbers on the Controller and the make voltage and model#of the charger and DC converter a picture of the charger and DC converter would also be helpful.

hI, i sent you pictures of everything but the controller and all of the labels have been rubbed off, My problem is that I have 3 cables coming out to the front and no matter what I do I can’t get it to run. It was running with 4 batteries when I got it but I was not worried about how they were hooked up because I thought it would be a 72v and I purchased 6 batteries.

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Would suggest you get it running on 4 in the condition you bought it in then go from there. We never established what the charger Make model or voltage is. Without knowing that were blind. Also the DC converter in the picture is not clear enough to read the lables. Your asking us to tell you what to do with a cart that has been cobbled and your not giving us information that we need to even remotely begin to give you any direction. We agree that it started out as a 2002 However it looks like it is loaded with 48 volt components and and you said it was running on 48 volts when you bought it. In It’s present condition it’s a lot of obsolete parts. Unless your a skilled electrician it will be a chore to make something reliable out of this situation. Would strongly suggest you purchase a cart, that, at the very least, has not been modified.