1999 Gem car with 48 volt motor

Why does my 1999 gem car have a 48 volt motor

48… 49… Whatever it takes.

48V battery bank, 48V car, 48V motor. That’s how they designed that one. 72V didn’t come until the 2000 model year.

I was wondering why I had 72 volt battery and a 48 volt motor. It has 6 12 volt batteries

Thanks for the extra details, your question makes a bit more sense now.

If memory serves, I’m pretty sure the GEM Trans-2 only had 4 x 12v batteries, so I’m not sure what’s going on with yours.

Ok it took a while but I had my motor at a service center he verified it is 48 volt I bought this car with 6 12 volt batteries hooked up to make 72 volts so it ruined my motor so I got it fixed so now I’m wondering how I can connect all 6 batteries and come out with 48 volt

I would take a real good look at every power component on your car and find out what has been changed and what is original.
DC-DC converter
Motor controller
Does it have some sort of power distributing system?
Wire harness?

Some of the above components may not be happy going to a voltage outside their specs.
If most of it has been changed to 72 maybe the cheaper/better solution should get a 72v motor.

I dont think anything has been changed the controller is a 36 to 48 volt the charger has been changed to a outside charger which is adjustable 48 or 72 volts

No pretty, or balanced, way to make 48V with 6 x 12V aside from taking two of them out.

I thought I had a copy of the manual for the way older carts, or at least some documentation somewhere. It might have been on a hard disk that plowed a few months ago, I don’t really remember. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

Makes no difference with a dc motor.
The controller controls the power to motor, and does matter.

So could I buy a 72 volt controller and run it at 72 volts

Yes you can…