Where to buy a converted EV?

Just signed on to have my house setup with a gridtie solar system. Planned it out to cover all my needs and a bit more for expansion.
Since I’ll have “free” electricity, I’m tossing around the idea of using an EV for local commuting. It has to be capable of 45-50mph for a short distance on the local Hwy, so I’m assuming my best choice is a converted ICE vehicle.
I’de rather buy a completed car and learn about it, rather than attempt to build one to start with.
I have a cool candidate for conversion later down the road…1931 Ford truck, but would rather learn the in’s and out’s with a completed vehicle.
Is there any place better than another for finding complete cars?
I need something that can be registered in Ca. Is there anything I should be looking out for, if I find one from out of state?
I’ve been searching around, but soooo many sites are either outdated, or just don’t get any traffic. EBAY is worthless it seems, as EV’s are “golden” there.
Any and all help appreciated!!

I’m in the same boat as you are. If you find a company that’s selling converted EV’s please share the contact info.

I’m not good with cars at all so If I could buy an EV that would be great.

EDIT: I found the youtube video. The guys website is http://ampmobileconversions.com but it looks like he’s more into showing people how to do conversions. It might be worth contacting him though.

Hey guys, my company sells cars that are converted to EV’s. We mainly do Toyota Rav4’s but can convert any car you like. We are currently working on a 1996 Rav4 that should have about a 120-150 mile range and it should be done in September. We are currently working on or website and it wil be up soon www.poweredbydc.com Feel free to contact me if you have any questions