What would i get from this motor

Saw a listing on ebay for an electric motor and wondered how it would perform if stuck in a 2 seater fibreglass kit car

Very powerful. Fitted with electric brake. This can be removed or clicked off if not required. Can be used for many applications. Golf buggy, Traction engines etc.


Size Of Motor inc Brake: 235mm (L) x 110mm (D)

RPM: 3100

Output Shaft size: 35mm (L) x 22mm (D)

Used on Golf buggy via 25/1 gearbox

Conections to Motor: 2 wire positive and Negative

Can be Powered upto 110A 24V

Weight: Approx 8kg"


Well, just going by the electrical specs:

110A * 24V = 2640W = 2.64kW = 3.43HP

The equivalent HP in a gasoline engine is 8-10 times the electric motor HP. So that is roughly 28-34HP or a little more power than a twin cylinder riding mower engine. Mine is 24HP.

For a go cart that would be a good power unit!