Electric DIY Buggy Newbie

Hi there everyone.
I am pretty new to this and the past few weeks i been doing research thinking i was going to build a petrol/diesel powered ATV.

Now i think i want to build an electric 2 seater dune buggy but achieving some kind of crazy speed and longevity on the power source side.

I learned welding and will be building a frame soon, with some help. got the steering, suspension and other things figured out but what kind of motor options do i have? power source and recharging this power source (batteries).

Apart from golf karts what kind of motors should i be looking at… my budget is like one cent at the moment anyways.
If you can put more than one motor will it improve anything?
Will it be manageable?
If i am looking at motors? what specs minimum should i be looking at?
Will i even be able to hit 60kph at my best try?
Will two 2000 watt angle grinder motors work?
Will an electric lawnmower motor work?

The car will be for recreation now and then out there offload on weekends with the family