Newbie/Project Help!

Project Goal:
Merge a motorcycle and electric scooter into a Hybrid capable of roughly 40mph top speed and maybe 30 miles max distance. +/- with a few digits is fine. I’m new to the electric vehicle world, but an avid motorcyclist with 3 (XS750, KZ440ltd, V-max) bikes I ride on a rotation. I’v always wanted to add an electric bike in here, but could use some help or at least a sanity check to see if my plan is solid or needs additional tweaking. Any help or suggestions you guys may have would be great. (Although money is not really a major concern, I’ve already bout the 2 donor bikes new, and want to keep the rest of my budget in a decent frame. Maybe another 1000 for everything else I would need? Quick note: I know the proposed stats seem low, but this is for myself AND my 5’1" wife who is intimidated but interested in entering the 2 wheel world, so after much discussion, these were stats she felt comfortable with. Maybe in a year we can do a redesign and add some power, etc. But please, no disparaging comments.So specifics are below:

Proposed Donor Bike:
Chinese Knock off/Import MC_D250RTC_B bought from Scooterdepotus

304 Lbs. Dry Weight
224 Lbs. Weight after engine removal

I plan on stripping out the engine, and the way it’s designed, the gas tank is actually a water tight storage compartment normally used to store a helmet, but I’d like to get all the electronics inbto that ******* (Controller, DC/DC converter, etc.) I also chose this model so I could hide the majority of batteries directly under the tank where the electronics will be and place the motor into some of the mounts with an adapter where the rear of the engine used to sit.

Battery Power:
The Batteries are pulled from a Chinese Import Electric scooter (XR-EM07-EEC)
48V20Ah Gel battery - 5 batteries in Series (60Volts) - Propose adding about 3 to 5 more of these batteries wired parallel to extend the distance without increasing volts (Depends on what I can fit into the frame)

Note: Batteries are 60 volts and 20amp hours. I believe I Multiply the 2 to get the wattage that will go to the motor. (60 x 20 = 1200 Watts)

Motor and Controller:
This is where some of my greatest confusion resides. I cant/dont want to use the Hub motor from the donor electric, so I was thinking the following Motor and controller would work for this application. Any advice?

48 Volt 1000 Watt Electric Motor with Mounting Bracket and 11 Tooth 8 mm 05T Chain Sprocket (MY1020) (Would I need to buy a new sprocket? and what would be best for this application?)

48 Volt 1200 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller

Hand Throttle with 3 Wires

DC/DC Converter so I can use the stock wiring harness on the donor bike:
DC to DC Voltage Step Down Converter Reducer 72V 60V 48V 36V 24V 12V 10A 120W

So thats about as far as I’ve got. Any ideas guys? I’m most definitely not an electrical genius, but get the basics and have been doing some research, I just want to make sure this config will work before I start ordering parts and pieces. If anyone has any feedback, please hit me up at weshennings@outlook