Motors for EV Motorcycles

I’m trying to determine what motors might make good candidates for converting a small motorcycle to electric. Will 36v or 48v golf cart motors/controllers work? What is a good source for them? I have a 185 dirt bike as a donor bike. Eventually I’d like to make a bike to go back and forth to town about 10 miles each way…

I have the tools to do this (I own a small fab shop and machine shop) but am new as a shiny dime to EV stuff. I’ve built a CNC plasma cutter using EMC so once pointed in the correct direction I’m usually off to the races. I just need a reality check here.


Hi John. I posted right next to ya with the same questions. I live just about 10 miles away from work and would love to built a very efficient way to get there and home. I’m still looking for some information on controllers and such. If I find any I will let ya know.

I saw a motor and controller on Ebay for about 50 bucks each, but someone snatched them up. Good luck hunting.

A Schmuck ( yeah I know )

I converted a Suzuki 200 dirt bike. A very easy thing to do.

Check with your destination such as work to see if they will ley you charge. if so than you only need a 10 mile range.

For motors look at the Etek/ Etek R/ or Etek RT. Plan on about 72 volts and 25 amphours. i highly suggest lithium as a small bike would get overly heavy if done with lead acid. Mty bike is only 25 lbs or so over stock weight. Top speed around 50 MPH and a range of 15 to 20 miles depending on how hard I ride.