Plugin diesel hybrid motorcycle

So, this is what I’m thinking. I have an old CB350 motorcycle frame sitting in the shed for years. I am thinking I will take a 7.7 HP electric start diesel motor and connect it to a 24volt alternator from a semi truck, 200 amps or so. connect that to a 24v drive motor with a couple of batteries. the 24v motor would be connected to a constant variable transmission from a snowmobile. that is connected to the rear sprocket on the wheel.
The diesel motor would only come on when the batteries are low. and off when they reach full charge.
My question is, will a 4.5-7 HP 24v electric motor e enough. I want to be able to hold 70 - 80 MPH for long hauls. Should I use a 48 volt motor? The diesel motor weighs 188 pounds, and the 24v weighs 24 pounds. I’m 165, then you have batteries, controller, and maybe some luggage.
In stock trim, this motorcycle weighs a touch over 300 pounds with full tank and stock motor. I imagine the CB350 motor weighs about 130.
Do I need more ev umph? will this even work? I am shooting for 200 MPG.

Thanks in advance.

soudns right, but remember you will need room for the batteries as well.

Yeah, I haven’t figured that out yet. This is my first EV project so I am unsure which batteries to use. I am thinking at first I may use 4 lead acid 6v batteries. then later buy some really good hydride batts. I think I will have room.

So, you think I will be able to haul 2 people down the interstate at 70+ MPH?

[QUOTE=tweakedlogic;834]So, you think I will be able to haul 2 people down the interstate at 70+ MPH?[/QUOTE]

might take a while to get up to speed, but with the proper electric motor, yes.

fantastic, I will keep you posted. I will be buying the diesel motor today or tomorrow.

Have you considered buying a couple of Dewalt LIon packs off of eBay instead of lead-acid? For weight, packaging, and life expectancy, absolutely worth it.

Will you manually flip the diesel on when you see the batteries at a certain discharge or will you develop electronic controls?

Good luck! Sounds like a great idea if you’re able to package everything. I’d love to see pics of the progress.

Have you thought about saddle bags for added room for the batteries?

I dont think 7 hp will get you to 70 mph. Motorcycles have horrible aerodynamics(mostly from the big sail holding the handle bars). and Since drag goes up with the square of velocity the faster you go the more power you need just to maintian speed. I thought i remembered reading somewhere that a bike needed aobut 12 hp to maintain 75 mph.

I suppose if you got the batteries in you could try it out and see. but i think the 24V motor is gonna come up short for highway speeds.

I’m actually thinking of doing something similar but with a deisel micro-turbine. So i’m very interested in your project. Good luck.