Recommendations for electric motor

Hi everyone I am new to electric vehicle conversions. I am interested in using an yamaha 750 for this conversion. My commute to work is 24 miles round trip with half of the distance at speeds of 45-55 mph. So my motor would need to be capable of those speeds. Also if needed i was going to add a trailer for battery storage. But i was wondering with whatever motor i need will be able to run at lower voltages if i detached the trailer. Thanks if you can be of any help


check that out, the guy lists off some stats of the bike and it looks like it is a pretty decent setup. I’m also going to be designing and building an electric bike after i tinker with some smaller stuff so i’m thinking about going with a wheel hub motor and a few batteries to get me going… but i’m still in the planning stages.

Check out

Looks to me like you are going to need at least a 72 volt system for the speeds your commute includes. Also I think Li-Po batteries on-board would get the range you need, but they do add to the cost of the build. Adding batteries and maybe a small generator in a motorcycle trailer would be best left as a range extender for occasional use. Parking and backing a bike with a trailer sucks. At that point you might as well have a car.

Here is a link to a variety of motors that could work for you.
Scroll down to Parts and Components.
The D&D 60-84 volt motor with a 500 amp controller should provide the performance you are seeking. You will need to run the numbers through an EV calculator to determine what size sprockets are needed and if the acceleration and top speed meet your needs. 8 HP continuous duty will maintain 1000 pounds at 81.7 MPH on level ground, no wind, but getting from 75 to 81 will take awhile. Fortunately electric motors also produce peek HP far above the continuous duty rating.