What algorithms are available on a delta q in a 2009 gem

We have a 2009 GEM with a Delta Q charger. Currently it is set up for G31 gel batteries with algorithm #6. Would like to change to AGM’s (115ah) but do not know if this GEM Delta Q charger has an algorithm for that. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Ok I think what your trying to ask is what Charge Profiles come stick on a Delta Q. That’s a good question? I dont know them All but I do know profile #88 is for Gell Battery’s. Pretty sure most delta Q’s have #88 installed

Question #88 is for Gells is that the same or a difrent profile for AGMs

Gem chargers don’t have an AGM profile, nor will they work by adding AGM. Polaris must hate AGM.


I don’t think the delta Q has a #88 available. That profile doesn’t even show up on Delta Q’s list of algorithms.See attached list.

List of generic DQ lead that I have.

Looks like I was wrong and profile #6 is Gell and not #88 sorry I dont know where I got 88 From

Hi thanks but this chart doesn’t make sense since they don’t show the current algorithm #6. Our Delta Q is also a different part number 912-7200-01. You wouldn’t happen to have a chart for our part number would you? Thanks.

Might be an old list. Do Gems have #6 now? Would not think it would work unless new Gems have different sw.

My new DCI chargers have these. I think, from file.


If your charger has #6 it is not a Gem DQ. It may have been modified.
These algorithms will only work with GEM customized software in the listed models above. Standard Delta-Q algorithms will not function with these models.

I do see #6 on this list for the DEKA 8G31’s which is what this GEM had. I want to switch to AGM’s, do you know any of the details for agorithm #8? It says 10xAh, but not sure what that is saying. 10x??

20x is over 200ah

Thank you. I am going to double check and see if perhaps this Delta Q was modified since original in 2009. We will double check what algorithms are available.

Having trouble to get the algorithm to iterate. I’m following the steps however I just get a spark at the battery and then the charger stays on #14. Any tips or advice? Need to get it over to #13.