Need Battery\Charger Help with 2011 eS with Delta-Q

Hey folks,

I just picked up a 2011 eS model which needs batteries. It currently has a Delta-Q 922-7200-04B with the original but dead 8G31 gel batteries. I have a couple of questions. If I understand this correctly, I should be able to change to #13 profile and change over to flooded batteries? If I should go another route with a charger\battery set up please chime in.

Also, under the seat there is a black wire that was cut. Does anyone know what this wire is? If you have a wiring diagram, that would be nice too.


Tough to tell what that wire is with that pic. Where does it go? Splay it out a bit so I can tell what it may be grouped with. It looks like you are showing two black wires that have been cut.

Yes, you should be able to change charge profiles in your DQ. There are several topics discussing a couple of different techniques. Also, before deciding to make a change, Find out what profile it is currently running.

Post a better pic of that battery. They don’t look like Gel Batteries to me. I see a label that hints they could be Wet LA batteries.

Good catch. I put those batteries in just to see if the car would run. Here are the batteries before I replaced them.

This is the area where the cut wire is located.

Still tough to tell given the pictures supplied.

There are typically a couple connectors back in that area that are not used on some cars. Backup lamp, and Center Mounted Brake Lamp, are two right in that area. This mystery Black wire is most likely a 12v Gnd for those accessories.

Is something not working?

8G31 appears to be a GEL battery.

Thanks for the help guys, that should get me started.

@MikeKC Yes they are GEL. My first picture that @AssyRequired mentioned was from when I temporarily put in the wet cell batteries for testing purposes. I should have noted that so it wasn’t confusing.

I have a set of Gel batteries, 2 yrs old from a client that decided to go lithium in case you are interested.

Shipping would be a pain but George the shipper is coming to soFlo now in april so he can pick them up