Changing the charge profile on a 2000 GEM

I have a 2000 GEM with the Delta-Q charger That is currently set to profile #14. I have installed new Duracell SLI31MDC batteries and need to change the profile. Having read the instructions and watched the video to change the profile I have two questions:

  1. What profile should I use? #13 for Trojan or #32 for DEKA batteries.
  2. What connection should I disconnect to change the program? Do they want the positive connection on the charger removed or can I just use one of the connections at one of the batteries?

Thank you for your help.

From a thread earlier:
Algorithm 32 is for 105ah wet cell batteries specifically for Deka DC31DT also rebranded as Duracell SLI31MDC, O’reily’s SuperStart 31DCM, and NAPA Batteries BAT 8231.

Disconnect the positive post on battery #6.

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Thank you.
I was going to use profile #32.
Which battery is #6?
I did try this with the battery up front and got a good spark when I touched it, so I didn’t try it again.

Yes the battery closest to firewall under the hood

I have tried to change the profile per the instruction’s given here and the ones published by Delta-Q on their website. I have had no luck.

I talked to a repair person that has done work on this unit before for the previous owner. He said that I needed to replace the batteries with ones he sells for a cost of $2000. I don’t recall what brand he said to use.

I see no reason not to use the ones I purchased as profile #32 seems to be designed to charge the Duracell ones I have installed.

Is there someplace I can send the charger to have the profile changed?

What will happen if I continue to charge the batteries with profile #14? Will they be damaged by charging them by the GEL profile?

Thank you for all you help.

First make sure that you have at least 36v to fire up the charger. Remember there’s a discrepancy when cycling through algorithms from 3-5 seconds. I’ve seen DQ’s that had a seemingly longer count time that was frustrating to cycle through.