Replacing original gel batteries to AGM batteries in a 2015 E-2

Would we use algorithm 32 for our new AGM batteries?

Also does anyone have a step by step manual algorithm change procedure using the main on/off switch under the dash?

Also if we do the tap tap procedure instead, do we leave the main on/off switch on or off during the procedures?

Most of this was just discussed in another thread, did you do any searches?

You can leave it on, the charger is using the battery to trigger the profile change:

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I am getting mixed messages doing a search for this topic. My main question is what pre-set gem Delta Q algorithm do we use for our new Full River AGM batteries?
13 or 32?

The reponse from @JarJarJava in anther thread is below, and I trust his knowledge on the subject.

If you have Deka batteries I would go with 32, if you have others, maybe 13 as @Inwo states.

First off, see the image below on how to check the charger profile and adjust it if necessary. If your GEM was stock with gel batteries, you should be on profile 14. You need to be on 32 for the AGM batteries (treat AGM batteries as flooded lead acid batteries if no AGM profile exists).

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It is open for debate as Gem does not support AGM batteries. Most say 13 is closest and may not damage your agms.

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I think it might depend on which AGM batteries one has.

The #13 Trojan profile is for the XH30 (130Ah) and T1275 (155Ah) . On the Zivans it was a very aggressive profile, like double the charge rate of the rest. I can’t say for the DQ, because I’ve never seen the curves.

The #32 is for a 110Ah flooded deep cycle marine battery.

IIRC, some of the later Zivan NG1 chargers had specific AGM profiles, as does the aftermarket quick charge SCO-7210 (aka R$F stuper-charger) not sure what would make gems not support AGM technology. It’s just a non spillable lead acid with lower resistance that was designed for military applications in extreme conditions.