Turnkey lithium conversion

I have a 2009 4 door E4 with tilt and heat. Think I’m going to keep it.

Looking for a turnkey LIPO system that I just have to hook up the B+/B- and the two charger wires. Absolute minimum of components 30 mile range minimum. Simple and Crude. I don’t want an engineering masterpiece. A double Pack is OK


Need deep pockets for turnkey solution.
Drop in agm replacement could run $5k or more.

The closest you can get is the Mike/Grant method X two.
20s Leaf X 2 I think it’s about $2500 for 2p 20s.

It’s not a big deal to have the charger reprogrammed.

Not sure if they can ship it assembled, but not a huge deal.

I’m still pushing Chevy Volt. Junk yard price from $1500 to $2500. Enough to do 2 X 30 mile Gems.

Here’s what I would do. Actually this is what I DID do.:smiley:

Enough to do 4 X 15 Mile Gems. Or 2 X 30 Mile Gems.

$2300 delivered:
13 14 15 CHEVROLET VOLT Battery lithium-ion battery pack | eBay

Or new on ebay $580 X 4 delivered.

So I have one 30 mile GEM. Does that come out to $1150?

I get over 15Miles with 50ah. Short trips and hills. I can only assume that 100 ah will be double.

I would see what Mike and Grant have to say. The advantage of the leaf cells is being able to pick the number of cells/voltage. Assembly required.

The Volts come in assembled packs of 6s or 12s. 22 volts and 44 volts nominal. A plus for simple.
66 volts is light and 88 volts is high.
I make a plug in monitor for reading cells in groups of 6.

They can be tapped, but it’s not convenient. See picture showing access to cells.

The controller spoof for more voltage is external and simple.
The 72v DQ charges them perfectly.

Depends on what you find. Need 4 X 12s packs. IMO

I dont want to build battery systems. I have too much mechanical work. but I do have a limited amount of money for a turnkey installation. The Leaf packs look simpler right/wrong?

More versatile as to cell count.
The Volt seems simpler to me. But that’s all I’ve done.
They come in 24s packs completely assembled. Paralleling two is very simple. Might be tough to find room for either.
With the leaf you can change out a bad cell.

I believe you have to build the pack. Jumper cells in series/parallel. Solder a wiring harness for measuring cell voltages.

Grant made it sound pretty easy.

Get a price on both.

Also check on prismatic cells. You would not have to parallel. Buy 100ah or even bigger. More money.:eek:

72V 200Ah LiFePO4 EV Golf Cart Lithium Battery

CA180FI 180Ah CALB EV, Li-Ion, Lithium, LiFePO4, LiPo, Prismatic Cell Battery


Looks reasonable, Maybe buy an extra for a spare.:smiley:

Where are Grant and Mike when you need them?

Modifying ther cars so they will be better able to absorb more money.

Grant says he’ll hook you up.

Anyone with 20-24 cells will like this.
See it with Bluetooth also.
I’ve been looking for something over 10s for months…

Wouldn’t you know! Now I’ll have to get some of these too.:slight_smile:

Check out “lithium Boost” turn key simple system.

Must be good, they use familiar system of individual chargers on each cell.
Full balanced charge every time.
No maintenance.


do a leaf system . I tell you what parts to order and I well come up and install it for you . if old batteries are out should take about 90 min .

I well swap you . you fix the terminal on my 5hp motor and I well assemble and install your lithium pack .

you can start with a single pack and if you want more range we can add a second one at anytime .

Send or bring the motor. This project just got put on the back burner as I just bought another house on a canal that needs a dock.


Email me and tell me what has to be purchased. rodneyadiehl@aol.com

What do you think about documenting this from start to finish for a DIY for the Forum?


here is the simple shopping list to do the easy leaf conversion.

contact nick @ hybridautocenter.com 866) 516 5066

I have bought from him multiple times , he tests and matches all modules before shipping . they are pre balanced and he includes the hardware need to make it a complete battery . he does have a heavy Russian accent so some might find it easier to do it online . tell him your configuration well be in one long row .

you well need 10 modules from him ( 20 cells) cost about $1,200

#2 send your Deltaq to Travis Gintz Electro Motive Force, LLC. (971) 266-EMF1

email : sales@emf-power.com>

ask him do load lithium profiles and set default profile to #128 (this is the more conservative profile , he well load over 10 different ones that you can change to later if u want ) cost is about $75

that’s it

send royalty checks directly to me. because your going to be smiling soooo much you’ll want to !

Send me the back end of your motor or the whole thing.