Think Service Manual

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Hi David i am working on a 2002 Ford Think Neighbor and after putting new batteries in, the cart still doesn’t start. I was hoping i could also have the Service Manual. My email is

Thank You.

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Thank You for the manual!

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Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Looks like I need one as well.
Prefer you to magically tell me what fuse is likely to lose all power except charge circuit. :slight_smile:

The wise and knowing Karmak the Magnificent says “the fuse that blew”

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Would you be kind enough to email me a service manual for the FORD THINK as well?

thank you ,


Iam new to the Forum and would appreciate a copy of the service manual - Email - ( Recently purchased a Truck (rode hard) but did get it going. A long road to navigate, but with passionate owners like yourself, it seems possible. Thx again - hope this gets to you - new to forums . Gargof

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>