The Turtle with bars left

I have an e2 with 6 year old gel batteries. Drove to Starbucks about 3 miles on the way home the Turtle came on with 4 green bars still lit. I limped home and charged it up. this morning drove to and from the golf course about 3 blocks and the Turtle came on. I did not Plug in the charger. Are
my Batteries going?

LOL - they are not going, they are Gooooooonnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee…

Six years, that is an awesome run. Time for some new ones.

Thanks Mike KC, When I replace with AGM do I have to change my charger settings from the Gel setting it is currently in?

Yes you have to change the charger settings. Leaving it on gel when using AGM batteries will lead to failure within a few months due to undercharging.

Not all gem chargers have AGM profiles BTW.

Probably best to stay with the Gel type. I have Polaris in it now. Any advice on best brands to use.

I believe that Polaris batteries are actually rebranded East Penn Deka.

Deka batteries are also sold under the NAPA Auto Parts brand label and Duracell (for the most part - have the store look up the manufacturer for the specific battery you are interested in to confirm)

You could also go with Trojan batteries, kind of the gold standard, but spendy. For that coin, you could almost convert to lithium.



Hello out there,
I went with the Polaris Gel. Same ones I had before. Installed everything was peachy for a week or so… Then the same problem went a block and no power. Showed full bars and the Turtle.
Last time this happened it was the motor.
any ideas??

Hi Chet,
I don’t see if you listed the year of your car. Also- What charger do you have?

When you plug it in do you have any lights on it? What is it telling you?
There is a chance that your pack has now dropped low enough to not be recognized by the charger and will refuse to charge.

Why it got that low is another issue.

Do you have a voltmeter and basic skills to use it? We might need them to track this down.

Its an 06 e2, The charger is the same one I did no change it out. The batteries are also the same as the ones before. Polaris Gel’s.
When plugged in the dash reads charging. Lights come on ( when unplugged ) shows full bars. Runs about a block but not full power than turtle comes on.

I hate to seem like a PITA but that is still not enough information. All we can do out here is guess for you. The more info you provide sharpens the guesses into better guesses and hopefully a solution.

Maybe I should have been more specific. Besides the little lightning bolt on the display(which only tells you that you are plugged in), the charger may have a status display that actually shows what it is doing.

Do you know where your charger is?
What charger do you have? Is it all black?
or mainly yellow with black ends?

Being an 06 helps a little and I’d guess that it is in the front of the car under the shelf where the Motor controller sits. Normally, if you look under the driver side fender past the tire and shock assembly you might see a little panel of lights. See if you can get a picture of that. Tell us what you see.

Something like this?:

Got it. However, I don’t have the car with me. I took it to the Polaris shop in Goldsboro. It shut down the day after I brought it in because of Covid. They have had it since Dec 22nd. I was just hoping to get a jump on it.

I have reached out to the Polaris shop via email and have not heard back from them. When I get my car back I am sure it will be full of Covid cooties. I am hoping they will be able to tell me what’s wrong. I just have a hard time with trust of a dealer.

Thanks for your help. If its okay I will check back with you all once I have their diagnosis.


Just wanted to let everyone know my outcome. After weeks of testing in the shop they found that 5 of my 6 brand new polaris batteries were dead.
Polaris is replacing them under warranty. I don’t know what the odds are of 5 of 6 bad batteries.
thanks to all who offered help.

Hmmm…Still sounds like something is not right. Something killed 5 of 6 batteries?

When you get the car back I would still like for you to check the status of the charger, and check to see if the correct profile is in the charger.

Report back when you get hands back on your car.

Still have not got the car back. Performance east in Goldsboro NC has it. Still waiting for new batteries. Says Polaris says they have no batteries to send out.
Blaming everything on Covid.

If your charger does not have an AGM use flooded setting #13 or #5 what ever is available

I need your help. Several months ago I posted the topic about the batteries in my 06 e2.

It has been in the shop at performance east in Goldsboro NC for the last 7 months.
Bottom line is they can’t find what’s wrong with the electrical system and they no longer can work on it. I am afraid it is a lost cause. I am out so much money that it is no longer feasible to put more into it. I do not have the knowledge or time to work on this myself. I would like to sell the car to someone that can work on it or part it out.
Please advise.
Chet VanFossen

You have not stuck money in it yet have you?
Or do they charge for not fixing it?

Are you kidding me? To find bad batteries. That’s crazy!

Wow- What is the name of this shop/dealer so we can tell people to NEVER go there!!!