Batteries not fully charging

Car has been working great. The other day after five miles the charge gauge started flashing then went to turtle mode and a red bar appeared. I was able to get back home. Now when I plug in the charger it charges for a few minutes and goes to green fully charged but the gauge is only up to two green bars. The batteries are 12v AGM mfg. 5-18.
thanks in advance for any help.
Stan Riva.
2005 E4

Is charger set to flooded?

I have had the cart for a year plus and have not changed anything re the charger.
I assume it is set correct. Dont know how to check the setting?

Not enough information to be of much help.
@Old_Houseboater tells us that agm will only last about a year if on the wrong profile.
He can correct me if wrong.

I see now 2005
Turn off main switch. Plug in charger. After boot-up light sequence, leds will blink a profile sequence.
Such as 1-3, 1-3 for #13

Sounds like you have a bad battery/s.

AGM batteries need to use AGM setting if available. If not should be set to flooded setting #13 on Delta Q charger. Batteries could also be bad and charger is shutting off on (overtime) before batteries are fully charged.

Disconnect the red wire coming from the charger to the battery, Plug the charger in and count the blinks. should b 1 blink pause 3 blinks (13)

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Thank you for all the info.
I will follow your instructions.

Thanks again

Stan Riva

Voltage is 12.6 ± on all batteries

Stan Riva

should be 13.8 right after charging

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I think I have to replace the batteries.
They are el cheapo batteries. Brand Usable. Found out they are 2nds by Penn Batteries.
What do you recommend.
Thank you

Can anyone recommend a replacement battery name and number.

If you are interested in low maintenance and better performance check with Dave @Inwo and do a lithium conversion.