Zivan Charger not updated charging AGM Batts?

I recently bought a new to me 2001 GEM and noticed I have the Zivan NG-1 charger with no upgrade and AGM batteries. The cars having issues charging and I’m wondering if the old owner bought batteries not compatible to this charger sans upgrade. Does anyone know if the AGM batts may be getting ruined by charging with this charger? I’m about to buy new batts and charger but would prefer to only buy one:)

use the flooded setting


Thanks Rodney, excuse my lack of knowledge but I don’t believe this one has been updated. The charger doesn’t have the switch, it’s still the round disc that it came with in 2001. Given that is there still an ability to adjust based on battery type? An apartment complex had this one and they had issues with the charging, I’m concerned that this car doesn’t have the correct batteries for the charger.

Call Zivan and give them the Serial # and they can tell you what battery it was set up for. If it was set up for flooded your Ok

If it was set up for Gels it will under charge your AGM’s And they will die a slow death.