Bought a Car - No Charger Housing to Identify Charger Brand

So I bought a Used e825 for my Lucky (um spoiled to the bone :tongue:) 4 lovely kids. I bought it not running, with no one on site knowing much about it…except someone tried to fix it because I can tell someone’s been inside it tinkering with it…How do I know, BECAUSE there’s no cover to the Charger housing. I can’t tell if it’s the updated charger or not, HECK, I’m still new enough I don’t know what type of charger it is.

First Code when I hooked it up, Yellow and Green flashing light with audible every time the power cord was hooked up.

Fiddled with it on and off for a little, found the two top clips to the charger that are green and red were loose. When I pushed it down and turned it back on, the flashing and audible stopped and a code appeared.

Said error code 15, looked it up on this forum, found that it was voltage low / low power charge batteries.

Charged each battery individually, still flashing and beeping when plugged in to charge.

Came back to the Forum, did some more reading, found out that the Battery Charger may be set wrong.

Its a 2002 with 6 Trojan WET Batteries. First question, It needs to be on the “F” Setting Correct?

Second question; I want to set the charger algorithm, and I think I have the Zivan.


I have pics of the Charger without the housing…Not sure how to Upload them

Are you absolutely sure the batteries are good? If you end up spending money on a new charger, I would recommend you buy the Ride4Fun replacement.

No, the batteries are not good…BUT I was trying to identify the charger and get it functioning properly and updated before I buy new batteries.

My motive with calling / emailing Zivan was to A, see which Charger I actually have since there was no black housing cover, B, Make sure its functioning properly (with current batteries), then C Get it updated before going out and getting a good set of batteries.

I Bought the car not running, so this was my order in troubleshooting. (It is currently up and running w bad batteries)

Get the Zivan reworked. Still the best charger out there.

I plan on it.

I do have a Question though about the Zivan Charger. I now know I have the NG1
Is it suppoused to shut off on its own??? I know it wont come on by itself until I get the update.

The “F” setting charges, and the batteries say 100% Charge after a few hrs, but the charger only stays on Red and doesnt turn off.

The Setting the Zivan Guy told me “B” has an audible beep and flashes green and yellow and wont charge.

I feel like Im close but not on THE RIGHT setting yet

In most cases the batteries have to reach the proper voltage before the charger will shutoff. It can take up to 8 hours with good batteries.

Bad batteries are the leading cause of charger replacements. No matter how good the charger is, it won’t make bad batteries good. Most newbies do every thing they can to avoid replacing batteries. They are amazed at how many troubles go away when they install new.

One option would be to remove the charger and send it in to Elcon. They will go through it, test it, and upgrade as needed. Then you know your charger is up to speed.

I agree with the comment above that many problems go away with new batteries. One bad one can cause a lot of frustration.

Quick update and Follow up

I Emailed Mark At Electric Con again. I asked him two questions, one about My Current Trojans 30XHS and then about where to send the Charger to get upgrade.

He only answered in response into where I can send it to get the upgrade.

I will most likely go the Ride For Fun option as he seemed less interested in answering my questions except for the upgrade one.

Im going to purchase a NEW set of AGMs for the time being, and upgrade the charger in the winter…what Setting does the Zivan Charger need to be on for the AGMs???

Your Zivan doesn’t have a setting for AGM’s. You will have to use the Gel setting.

Thanks for all your help.

Electric Conversions is the Zivan dealer for the US. Over the years, they have upgraded all of our NG1 chargers. All of these chargers are still in service after more than 10 years. They can advise you which setting to use for each battery type. The Zivan NG1 is not set up for AGM batteries.


These are the batteries you need right here. NAPA AUTO PARTS You can try to save money with other batteries but based on my experience, they only lead to frustration. These batteries are expensive and your NAPA dealer may cut you a deal if you are buying 6. Again, they are expensive but with proper care, you will get many years of frustration free use of your Gem.

Here is a thread that talks a bit about charger settings.