T2 programming suggestions with a D&D motor

Can anyone offer some advice on what I should change the parameters to. I have a 2002 Ford Think with a D2 controller and a D&D 7.7 H.P motor. I live in Florida with very little hills. I have 14" tires ordered that should be here next week. It looks to me that the GEM T2 and the Ford Think D2 controllers and pretty much the same. I need to eliminate the 25 MPH governor and I like to get the most out of the motor. I won’t be driving far so if I can get around 15 miles with a charge that will be fine. It has gel batteries. I have read a lot of posts but I can’t find any on the settings for a D&D motor. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

What does D&D recommend??

D&D does not want them programed to go over 25MPH as it opens them up to lawsuits.

I dont know If the think is set up like the gem. The gem uses a magnet reader to send that info to the controller and it reads off of all 4 magnets in the motor. Inwo on here sells a spoof that just plugs in and it only sends back a reading off of 2 magnets. This will bypass the 25 mph cutoff. Your speedometer will read 1/2 of the true speed. I think He used to call them the magic magnet. I have one of his orignal design units and it works great. He had made a lot of improvements over the years and now has them with switches made in to fine tune your top speed.
With one of these you do not need to make any controller adjustments and risk burning something up. I have burnt up a few controllers playing with settings but the last one that I burnt up did not start smoking untill I was running 52 mph :laughing: with lead acid batteries, 14" mazda wheels 23" tires, D&D motor, magic magnet, 8to? Diff. And just about every setting maxed out. I know better now.

Guess we just need to ask the right question!

Well I contacted D&D and they were no help at all. They said if any of the preset settings are adjusted then the warranty is void. I will experiment myself to find the best settings since it seems like people don’t want to share. If anyone in the future needs to know what I came up with feel free to message me, I will be more than happy to share my findings

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It’s only been 2 days. People round these parts don’t hang out on the forums obsessively. GIve it some time.

There are lots of posts around here over individual settings.

GEM nor D&D can help you since going over 25 is technically against the law. Low Speed Vehicle, etc. You will have to fiddle to search a lot.

dont know anything about ford thinks . does your d&d have less magnets to fool the controller like on a gem ? is it going faster than 25 mph now ? if not the easiest thing to do is get a mm to fool the controller so you can go over 25mph . if your doing it thru programming change the rolling diameter to fool the controller

on a gem the d&d motors dont use any special parameters . we program them the same as a stock motor .

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I think lots of people tuned out when he said Ford Think. Not sure if the program numbers are the same for a think vs a gem

t2/d2 Same settings work for both. Wheel size doesnt mean squat. Tire outside diameter is the governing factor. Over size tires are usually detrimental to performance when used with a high performance motor. Braking and acceleration suffer. To stay with good performance and get reasonable life the sweet spot for performance motors is 6000 RPM and Stock GE motors is 5000… If your interested I have an interactive spread sheet in LOTUS that covers all tire diameters and gear ratios.


You dont need special magnets with a T2 controller. Unlike later controllers everything is adjustable including top speed and odometer miles. They can now be upgraded to 500 amp capacity. Truly the best controller for performance.


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Any ideas for 2008 e2 with a D&D motor with a T4 controller? Trying to get the top speed higher.

Check out Inwo and his magic magnet. Probably the easiest way for increased speed

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INWO mm is the way to go . Or buy my programming laptop with everything need for $100 .:sunglasses: