Suggested Gem T2 programming?

I have been doing a lot of research and I am going to build the heat sink a user invented on this forum for the stock motor, once i start programming the controller. I am also putting on a temp sensor onto the motor and the controller.

Does anyone have a long list of recommended settings for programming? I think I want to program 35 mph with a faster take off, and have the turf mode switch go between a 25 mph max (stock programming) and the 35 mph fast programming. If anyone has the numbers that are the best to get the most mileage / performance that would be awesome! I know there are quite a few options to go through while programming so any help is greatly appreciated.


It’s odd that these type of questions never get answered - are the programming numbers a huge secret? I will be attempting the re-programming of my 2014
Looking for guidance - I have one post to go by (based on a t2 - so only slightly helpful - I will post my results -

Top speed is hard programed at 25MPH on your 2014. You can try a sensor magnet change (less poles) or bigger tires and wheels or an aftermarket controller.

Thanks- that’s what I was worried about when I saw the max 255 allowed by the controller - pretty pissed of by that - so much for the “upgraded motor”

I already have 14 inch wheels - looks like I will be fooling with magnets next

Can you program small wheels and tires? or different gear ratio? No matter how you cheat your speedometer will be off

Yeah,but you can pull a Semi out of a ditch :heh:

Great idea - I will check that out


Otherwise I will just add a winch and call it a day!!

[quote=Rmarsden1;21374]Great idea - I will check that out


I’m really interested in what your doing. I just changed gear ratios in mine and a guy is coming monday to program it.

Mine is a 99 so uses the hand held programmer. I would really like to get some expertise but don’t have a programmer.

If you really want to get serious I have a set of 4.53 secondary gears out of an 8.9 axel.

If you get into it real heavy I’d like to follow what your doing.

PM me and keep me up to date.

Will do - I have only had the GEM for two weeks- but I am a big car guy and have extensively moded most of my cars - so I can already see that I will be going down that route - keeps me out of trouble!

The guy came over on Monday and we programed the T1. I had changed gear ratio from 8.9 to 10.35. On his chart ratios wern’t given so we programed in the smaller tire size. Worked out well. I now run 18 in Turf and 28 in Regular. Happy Happy Happy.

Note: I had my controller serviced by Flight Systems (outstanding service) and guess what? Came back with a 255 limit. Big Brother is watching over us.:frowning:

I stayed with 28 MPH because I replaced my 3 1/2 HP motor with a 5. I don’t want to wind it too tight. Also I MHO that you should have disk brakes on the front if you push speed past 30.

Very nice!

Spoke with Marlon the GEM whiz and he has given me a few settings to similarly fool the controller - I will be reprogramming tomorrow- looking for 30 mph

But I will probably be ordering a new motor from him Sunday

Keep you posted

I bought my gears from him a couple of weeks ago. Super guy.

where can I find info on the heat sink you talk about

just got some heat sinks in. i’m going to put them on when I swap diffs in the next couple weeks . ill post pics . if someone else does it let me know.

did you ever install heat sinks would like to see pick

no I never did .they are sitting on my work bench . the thought was since i’m running the stock 5hp to fast that it would be needed . but the motor never showed any signs of heat issues so I didn’t bother .

I doubt anyone pushes an old 5hp as hard as I have for so long (motor is a 2002) and I haven’t had a single problem.

Sorry to resurrect a five year old thread, but if anyone is still looking to reprogram a T2 Controller ( mine was in a 2002 four seater that was basically stock) with Sentry Software, I recently did so and could provide some tips if needed.

Been pretty fun so far since. got it up to 34 on the flats (As opposed to the old 28mph regen sputter limit). Cant tell you what a difference that 5-6mph makes driving around town. Yes, the brake issue will be a real thing to think about, but i’m not sure new shoes will make much of a difference, and the $1000 for the disks plus install is a bit steep. (Open to any other suggestions on that front.)

Have a good weekend everyone!

or this:
Rat Rod Park Brake

But this is more of a Parking Brake solution if you haven’t had the recall done yet.