More speed

I recently bought a 2005 GEM. I want to increase the speed . I known I can buy a new 7.5 motor and have the controller reprogrammed by the same dealer. I want to use the same motor until it gives out , then buy a new one. How can I reprogram my controller . So Cal

You could contact either Ride-4-Fun or MZ Motorsports and ask them for advice. They reprogram controllers all the time. I know Jim at R4F will recommend upgrading the motor to their 7.5HP unit rather than just reprogramming for a standard motor. Be forewarned: Jim is a bit “gruff” but knows his stuff. Marlon is very knowledgeable and quite helpful but offline for awhile recovering from an auto accident.

If you’re really hardcore, there are programming tools available via several sources on the internet ( to allow you to use a computer w/ serial cable, software and special cabling to program your own controller. Marlon at one time would even loan you the tools if you mention this group. Don’t know what the status of that offer is at this time.

I’m not sure about the controller in your 2005 GEM. At some point around that time the “max RPM/MPH” was hardwired into the unit and therefore not subject to easily reprogramming though I understand there are ways to “trick” the controller into allowing it to over-speed. I think you have to remove two of the four magnets in the speed sensor unit on the end of the motor (which tricks the controller into thinking you’re not going very fast and therefore haven’t reached max RPM). Of course if you do that then all the other parameters have to be adjusted as well.

Also be aware you’re probably going to burn out the stock motor pretty quickly due to high heat, excessive RPMs, etc. JAT but might be easiest to just do it all at once.


Thank you for your response. How can I find out if my controller is hard wired for RPM control ? And if I remove two magnets will I still need to reprogram the controller ?
Thank you.

You need to talk to someone that knows more about this than I do. I suggest calling Ride-4-Fun or Marlon at MZ Motorsports.