Gem electric vehicle

Hi to all, I am a new member from Ireland and have just purchased a used GEM Vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with a new motor and battery pack. It top speed is only 24Miles per hour. The motor is 7.5 hp,4950rpm,current 95/8,voltage 72. Make, GEM RIDE 4 FUN. It is not suitable for road use at this low speed. Is there any way I can rectify this and achieve a speed of 35-40mph. I would be much obliged if somebody could help.

What year cart?

Hi the car is 2004 model.Thanks for reply.Kieran

Suggest you switch to 14" wheels and tyres. You have a T2 controller which can be easily programmed for higher speeds. CAUTION the pre 2005 carts brakes are iffy at best, STRONGLY suggest you limit speed to 35 MPH. Another reason for 35 MPH is that your motor will live forever at that speed. If you live in flat land expect about 12/13 miles of range.

HI, thanks for reply. I am living in Ireland any suggestions as to where I could get controller re programmed. Also, where is controller located on the car.

My wife is Irish, thats as close to Ireland as I’m going to get. Suggest you read all the posts under the GEM threads (5) in this forum. If you havent already done so download the 99 - 04 Owners manual and service manuals. Marlon at MZ Motor Sports or The people at “Ride For Fun” in the States can reprogram your controller. They Will Need - 1 Wheel size, 2 Tyre size 3 all information off tag on motor 4 battery brand, type and model # 5 Type of terrain you are operating the cart in.

The controller is the upright aluminum box, with all the wires connected to it, on the left when you take the dash top off…

The manuals will enlighten you.


Hi Rodney, thanks for your help. Is it possible to buy a pre programmed controller new, with a top speed of 35mls per hour, if I were to furnish all details as you suggest.Would it be quicker rather than me posting mine and then waiting for it to arrive back here. Are they expensive. Thank again.Kieran

They are VERY expensive. Your car got to Ireland some how. Somebody there must be capable of servicing it. GEM is sold in the UK give it a Google.