Hi To All

Talking Hi to all

I ben looking for a great place like this
i have 2001 gem e825 that i bough a while back
the last oner hooked up the battery’s up back wards
and let the magic smoke out of box
ive replaced the controller with a t2 box and a 5hp motor out of a 2008 and yes had to fabe the shock mount got it running now i would like to make it faster of course
i have ge sentry soft wear and made some changes
and got it to do 31 mph on a flat road with a gps
but i would like it to get there faster any help would appreciated
thanks michael

hi Michael… I’d look into a taller tire to get more speed but I think 31 is good for a 5hp motor… you might look at a 7.5 hp from Ride4Fun… used ones are kind of iffy… where are you? remember that the faster you go the less far you will go… there is always a trade off


hi bob I live in sunny south Florida and I failed to mention I have 165/70/13 tires and when I Sade get there faster I meant acceleration I’m thinking I can some numbers in the program but dint no witch ones to change any help would be great
thanks Michael

Michael… I had no luck when I tried to change the settings in my controller… gave up as I really don’t understand electricty… there is a lot of info in this yahoo group: NEVs : Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) see the data base and search controller… there is a guy in San Diego who can walk you thru the programing… contact me thru a pm and I’ll give you his info…


Hi Bob,

Looks like I’m in the same boat as Michael. I’m a newbie GEM owner and would also like to raise the max speed of mine above 25 mph. I live in San Diego. Would you mind letting me know how to contact him as well?

Thanks, Scott

Scott contact me in a PM