Help it go faster!

What are my options for more speed I have a 02 e825 4 seater going on average about 23 mph. What are some options on increasing this?

Disk brakes, performance motor, reprogramming of controller.

Well the cheapest thing you can do is buy a magic magnet it will unrestricted your speed governor so that your car can go as fast as 40 miles an hour. Now whether your car has the right batteries or motor to go 40 miles an hour is a completely different and more expensive question

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Example: with stock programming you car is electronically regulated at 25 Mph. With the $50 plug and play Magic Magnet your car will have the speed restriction removed. Weather your car has the HP or the Gears or the Battery power to push it to 40 is a different question. I say start with either the MM or re-programming and go from there

Thanks guys where do I get a magic mag? How do you reprogram the controller? And what’s considered a performance motor?

just get a magic magnet , it will get you a higher speed fast and easy . what is the size of your tires ? some 02’ came with small wheels ,

I think rim was 12" and it has good year tires. Do I have to do any special wiring to the magic magnet to get it to work?

what does your speedo read at top speed ? did you check it with a gps ?

Someone might try this with lead. It works with lithium.

The maximum speed I have ever had was 26 so I’m not sure. I have not checked with gps yet tho. Who has tried a seventh battery with that diagram?

I’ve only tried with lithium. Don’t have any lead cars to play with.
Several on here are running high voltage Volt and Leaf modules.

If it seems to hold back at 25, you would benefit by raising the speed limiter.

How would I raise it?

Either reprogram the controller, or change the speed sensing magnet. Mechanically or electrically to fool the speedometer.

The MM plugs into the speed sensor wires.
The speedometer can be changed to read kph
Will then read 0-40 mph. Small changes can be made up or down to the MM to correct reading for gear ratio or tire size.

Where can I get the specific data set for each function and description to modify the controller accordingly. All I have is a spreadsheet with the stock values that are according to tire size. I have an old GE controller for T1 and T2 with a number pad and turn dial to change the values of each function from 0-255 (what a horrible programming controller).

No help from me on values. What are you trying to accomplish?
I’ll invite Grant and Rodney. They have used T1/2 controllers.

Oops. they already checked in.
I have values from a IMS car.

Not sure if this is the right one.

OK I’ll compare it to my spreadsheet. Didn’t know if other functions that needed to be modified like speed scaling, controlled acceleration, etc.

Also is there a way to power the GE controller from an AC outlet like buying a 72v dc adapter? I know someone had a modified DQ charger that would automatically charge without that 36v threshold. I have the computer dongle that connects to the positive/negative terminals on the DQ charger. I can change the algorithms but I’ll see if I can somehow obtain the service pass code to see what other modifications I can make. It would be nice to not have to worry about if the batteries have a 70+ vdc charge just to turn on the controller.