Magic Magnet review thread "price increase"

Only have a half dozen in the field.

Reviews will help me improve.

Received this today from a member.

“I just installed it in my brother-in-laws Club Car with the early GE IQ motor, that would require the magnet to be removed vs the newer style that just has two screws and is an easy change. He had an increase of 5 mph with the non adjustable one.”

Me (model 1/2)

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In fairness, this customer is having issues with his Gem.
MM does not gain him any speed.
We are going to look for a solution.

Others report good speed gains.
As this Ebay sale to a customer in Italy.

" Feedback From When
Positive feedback rating Works great, no speed limit, with 7,5 hp arrived 60kmh!! Good!! A+++++
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During past month
High speed magnet replacement-solid state magnet- Gem Car (#231827090364)"

OK just received the RFF motor on Friday from OLD HOUSEBOATER and he was recommending one of the magnets for my setup. I have a T3 controller, who can I purchase one of these from and what else is required for installation?

Name is misnomer. It actually takes the place of a high speed magnet.

Nothing else is needed. Just plug it in.
To test without it. Just unplug. 10 seconds.

Let me know how you make out with the RFF motor and your T3 controller. I have a stock 5 hp and Forklift programmer kit and can’t get more than 29 mph out of mine. I’m running 23.7 inch tall tires which gave me most of my additional speed. Interested to see if the RFF motor will get you above that.

I will hopefully know sometime late next week

What do you think Rodney?

Another test won’t hurt!

Can always be returned if it doesn’t work on T3s.

Now building MM with isolated tach/speedometer drive built in.

I’ll throw in the 5 digit display that I’ve been using to test. Bezel has rub marks from laying around.

Reads actual RPMs, or real speed when programmed from Rodney’s gear/tire table.

[quote=Inwo;29272]Name is misnomer. It actually takes the place of a high speed magnet.

Nothing else is needed. Just plug it in.
To test without it. Just unplug. 10 seconds.
Did it increase speed? I received mine Friday and have a few different golf carts to try it on including Ford Think, Tomberlin, Star, and right now this 1/2 Magic Magnet is slower when used on a 2013 Precedent.

sorry been traveling and forgot to update the thread, I GPS validated on flat road 37mph with the MM, I did not get a chance to run it again without the MM.

What did you do to get the speed?
Tires, motor, and MM?
Anything else?
Using a T3?

T3 controller, 13" wheels, RFF motor

Programming changes?

I have installed 2 of the Magic Magnets so far and both of them have worked with out issue. I have around 100 miles on 1 of them and only 20 on the most recent. Dave is a great guy and I’m glad he came up with this product. The ONLY criticism I could offer was it would be sweet if it came in a hard plastic case of some sort. But I understand that might drive up the cost ? I feel like it’s a good price for what it offer you

Let me know what you have in mind.
Do you mean the plugs enclosed?

I was thinking a square plastic box with the electronics fully potted and plugs coming out. Mabey some double sided trim tape to have it mount on the side of the frame or something. That way if the customer mounted the unit to the side of the frame the logo for the product can be clearly seen. And that’s good for you :slight_smile:

Plugs as in wires? Or sockets on the box?

Doesn’t sound much different than the original.
A nicer looking box?

I have no taste!

Yes same as what your latest version

I’ve tried so many.
I can make them much smaller now.

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I have multiple settings changed, I will download the program tonight and post the settings for everyone. The speedometer is completely off now so I have to use GPS to measure real speed.