Magic Magnet delivery time

As many know. I’m sold out and waiting for parts.
Watch this thread for updates.

A few are ready to ship

@Inwo Dave, do I just go to your PayPal page to order one? Thanks.


Yes, $125 with a note.

Inwo what’s Magic Magnet? it good for what?
thank you

It manipulates the output of the speed sensor on the motor so that the controller thinks you are going slower than you actually are, allowing you to exceed the programmed max speed governor setting.

Hello, what kind of speed can you get out of a 2014 E4? Thank you

How can I buy a Magic Magnet for an 2020 GEM E?

Sorry, only works on the DC cars. Pre 2016

I have. A 2020 4 seater will it work on mine? Do you have any in stock to ship?
How do you install?


Sorry 2002 I typed to fast

Yes, I do. Works with any pre 2016 models. Plugs inline with motor sensor.

Any video or picture how to install ? Very interested

No, it just plugs in and changes speedometer reading.
Can’t plug it in wrong, and it can be removed just as easily.

Ok how do I purchase ? Is there instructions how to?



$125 with a note.

Look for a 3wire plug at the end of motor. Plug MM in line.

Done , please ship ASAP
Thank you

Just checking if shipped ?

Thank you


Worked! :grinning: Thank!