Wanting a magic magnet

Who sells the magic magnet? I have a 2010 e6

Send $135 PayPal with a note.


I see a magic magnet offered by 2040-parts.com… is that the same device? Thanks you.

Not listed by me. Some sites are to create traffic only.

Did some digging, that site is not legit… just sent you $ via PayPal! Looking forward to the increased speed. Thanks!

Can i get a magic magnet for my 2000 e825?

Yes, $135.

done. let me know when it will ship please. thank you!

Ships today…

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I have the same request for my 2000 E825. I have an upgraded Ride4fun with T1 controller and Delta Q charger. Any issues using the MM with this setup? Are you available for assistance with programming?

Not if speedometer reads correctly. Not 1/2 speed.

My 2005 speedo reads 14 MPH with MM while GPS says 25 and it never gets above 25… I have had other issues so I have not addressed it.
Original motor and charger etc.

don’t like to use PayPal is there a different way to pay

I just sent you $$$.

Thank you!!
-Anthony Lee

@Inwo does it matter that on street mode it’s 1/2 speed on mine and on turf it’s accurate speed? I have a new controller T1 coming this week if that means anything f.

just sent you a note and address also saw something on here about a T-1 controller, mine has aT-1 ,the mm will still work right? Its a 99 e825

how will I know when it ships?

I want one too! I have a 2002 e825 longbed. Please let me know what/where/when to get this process started. Thanks